May 22

Various Artists – Stockfisch Records – Closer To The Music Vol.2 (2006)
PS3 Rip | ISO | SACD DSD64 2.0 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 01:09:13 minutes | 2,78 GB
Genre: Country Blues, Jazz, Folk | Label: Stockfisch Records

Stockfisch released its first SACD sampler two years ago.

Since then the label has recorded and published many new Stockfisch productions – well known artists of the singer/songwriter scene as well as so called “insider tips”.

These recordings are nothing short of amazing; I can’t imagine anyone not finding something to love here. Very highly recommended! Tom Gibbs,

Just like Vol. 1, this second Stockfisch collection closer to the music Vol.2 offers on its 15 individual tracks a wide musical variety. Different as they may be, they are bound by an invisible thread, a common ground for all of them, the guitar based arrangements. This special sound, the “trade mark” of nearly all Stockfisch productions, is where they all meet. Always energetic, but at the same time gentle and never lacking transparency, that’s how the artists and their fellow musicians skilfully present their music. These recordings, as any listener will experience, exemplify once again the Stockfisch philosophy: closer to the music!


1. Stars
2. Set You Free
3. Just Like Love
4. Old Crow
5. The Same Kind Words
6. When Time Turns Around
7. Paris
8. Streets Of London
9. Song For You Far Away
10. Caruso
11. Four Wild Horses
12. Lookin’ At The Rain
13. Heaven
14. Maybe It´s Just Love
15. Au large du Gueveur

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May 22

Various Artists – Stockfisch Records – Closer To The Music Vol.3 (2009)
PS3 Rip | ISO | SACD DSD64 2.0 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 01:15:20 minutes | 3,02 GB
Genre: Country Blues, Jazz, Folk | Label: Stockfisch Records

The third compilation from the critically acclaimed „closer to the music“ series.

You will listen to recent recordings of known artists like Sara K., Allan Taylor, Eugene Ruffolo and David Munyon , but also to new Stockfisch-discoveries like Dennis Kolen (NL), Paul O´Brien (CDN), BEOGA (IRL), Carl & Parissa (AUS), Beo Brockhausen (D) and some more – 18 tracks with a total playing time about 76 min.


1. Dedicated to… (Allan Taylor)
2. Winter (Allan Taylor)
3. When I Didn’t Care (Sara K)
4. After There’s a Blizzard (Sara K)
5. Seaside Rendezvous (Dennis Kolen)
6. For Cloud Dog and Jane (Dennis Kolen)
7. Chinese Girl (Ewen Carruthers)
8. Lovebirds (Ewen Carruthers)
9. Love Can Be That Way (Eugene Ruffolo)
10. Hello In There (David Munyon)
11. Louisiana Rain (David Munyon)
12. An American Car (Paul O’Brien)
13. Waiting (The Paperboys)
14. Lovely Madness (Beoga)
15. Factory Girl (Beoga)
16. Sharpening a Knife (Carl & Parissa)
17. Mother’s Song (Carl & Parissa)
18. Wolkenmeer (Beo Brockhausen)

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May 22

Various Artists – Stockfisch Records – Closer To The Music Vol.4 (2011)
PS3 Rip | ISO | SACD DSD64 2.0 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 01:13:12 minutes | 2,94 GB
Genre: Country Blues, Jazz, Folk | Label: Stockfisch Records

closer to the music Vol.4 offers more than 73 minutes of musical highlights to get in first touch with Stockfisch artists as well as sound and/or just for enjoyable listening:

„I fell in awe in front of the swift charms of this compilation, a collection of highly enjoyable pearls from the Stockfisch catalogue. The artistic excellence and the stupefying tonal quality of the ensemble will make it a gourmet´s choice for any soundsystem …“ There were so many positive and even enthusiastic feedbacks on our „closer to the music“ compilations volume 1 to 3, that we decided to release Vol.4 in 2011.

Closer To The Music Vol.4
And again this 4th compilation offers both a selection from current releases and presentations of artists and albums that will be released by Stockfisch Records in the next months.

Belonging to these forecasts you can hear two tracks from the new Paul Stephenson album, who already had recorded two CDs for Stockfisch. Furthermore one song by Zebra Sommerwind, the trio around Fiedelmichel-doyen Thomas Kagermann, featuring German (folk-)songs in contemporary arrangements. Also we are pleased to presentate the German singer Katja Werker with her version of the „Karat“ classic „Über sieben Brücken musst du gehen“, one of twelve songs she recorded for her new CD. A Stockfisch fellow guitarist from the early years flew over from the US to visit Northeim, Ralf Illenberger (formerly playing with Martin Kolbe). He recorded his solo guitar album with Günter Pauler to be released in 2011.

Introducing the new available albums: Allan Taylor with two songs from the Porsche/Burmester session, Paul O´Brien, the Irish-melancholic songwriter from Canada, the wonderful new CD „Pretty Blue“ sung by David Munyon, furthermore beautiful instrumental music for relaxing, written and played by pianist Michael Schlierf, ingenious arrangements of Chick Corea´s Children´s Songs by Blue Chamber Quartet – and an exclusive recoding with American singer/songwriter Mckinley Black: „My Diamond Mine“.


01. Taylor, Allan “Let The Music Flow”
02. Taylor, Allan “Midnight Call”
03. Black, McKinley “My Diamond Mine”
04. Black, McKinley “All I Need”
05. Stephenson, Paul “Rainy Day Man”
06. Stephenson, Paul “Back Where You Belong”
07. Ruffolo, Eugene “Baby It’s Cold Outside”
08. Munyon, David “I Want Your Love”
09. Munyon, David “Hollywood Town”
10. Paul O’Brien & Uli Kringler Trio “Madrona”
11. O’Brien, Paul “Without A Trace”
12. Werker, Katja “Über Sieben Brücken Musst Du Gehn”
13. Sommerwind, Zebra “Es Sass Ein Klein Wild Vögelein”
14. Schlierf, Michael “Hickory (The Southern Caress)”
15. Illenberger, Ralf “Light Wave”
16. Illenberger, Ralf “Falling Down”
17. Blue Chamber Quartet “Chrildren’s Song No. 16”
18. Blue Chamber Quartet “Chrildren’s Song No. 6”

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May 22

Various Artists – Stockfisch Records – Closer To The Music Vol.5 (2015)
PS3 Rip | ISO | SACD DSD64 2.0 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 01:19:25 minutes | 1,64 GB
Genre: Country Blues, Jazz, Folk | Label: Stockfisch Records

Just as it’s four predecessors did, the compilation „closer to the music Vol.5 “ provides an aural overview of the latest and the forthcoming Stockfisch productions – this time for 2015. More than 79 minutes of unusual recordings and fascinating music.

Starting off with introductions to the soon-to-be-released albums:

The Norwegian singer/songwriter/guitarist KERSTIN BLODIG presents her debut-album on Stockfisch. The recordings took place in a clearing in one of Germany’s largest forest areas – in Solling. The rich natural atmosphere – including birdsong & sounds from the vegetation – fits wonderfully to Kerstin’s haunting Norwegian songs and soulful acoustic-guitar playing. We have already had the pleasure of experiencing guTracklist:

1. We Stood As One – Allan Taylor
2. Acts of War – Steve Strauss
3. Monster – Steve Strauss
4. Fause Fause, Kerstin Blodig
5. Rainbow’s Gold – The Greater Good
6. Will You Come Home – David Roth
7. Nights At the Chez – David Roth
8. Simple Thought – Don Ross
9. You Can See Everything – Brooke Miller
10. Windmill Sails – Paul Stephenson
11. Four Extraordinary Days – Carl Cleves & Parissa Bouas
12. Bright To Brighter – David Munyon
13. Sparrow – Carrie Newcomer
14. Silvia’s River – Paul O’Brien
15. Strange World – Ranagri
16. Carrickfergus – Ranagri feat. Tony Christie
17. L’Inverno – Largo (Vivaldi) – La Folia Barockorchester (5.1 Ch)
18. The Silver Swan – The Spirit of Gambo feat. C. McFadden (5.1 Ch)
19. A Riverside Town – Jiang Cheng Ji – Song Zuying & China Philharmonic Orchestra (5.1 Ch)

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May 20

Various Artists – Poor Boy: Songs Of Nick Drake (2004)
PS3 Rip | SACD ISO | DSD64 Stereo > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 77:50 minutes | Scans included | 3,15 GB
or FLAC 2.0 Stereo (converted with foobar2000 to tracks) 24bit/88,2 kHz | Scans included | 1,36 GB
Genre: Jazz, Rock, Folk, Pop

British folkster Nick Drake’s gorgeous, melancholy, tantalizingly ambiguous songs have been covered often, but not perhaps with the range of interpretive powers & depth of emotional commitment that these (mostly) Vancouver & Seattle artists bring to bear in re-imagining his music…

Nick Drake’s songs have attracted a large number of admirers for their beauty and melancholy, but few can have approached those compositions with the stylistic imagination found on Songlines Recordings’ Poor Boy: Songs of Nick Drake. Songlines owner Tony Reif organized a tribute concert to Drake in Vancouver, Canada, in 1999 featuring many of the artists heard here, and he added to them with many musicians based in Seattle. While the result is many different interpretations of Drake’s work, the lengthy CD breaks down for the most part into two halves. In the first seven songs, the artists basically take Drake’s simple folk melodies and sad lyrics as the basis for jazz performances, much as if they were the work of Rodgers & Hart. Kate Hammett-Vaughan begins “Clothes of Sand,” the second track, a cappella before being joined by Chris Gestrin’s piano, Ron Samworth’s guitar, and Simon Fisk’s bass in an arrangement that recalls Billie Holiday singing “Strange Fruit.” Then Gestrin and Fisk return for “One of These Things First,” which they treat as a jazzy piano instrumental in the style of Art Tatum or Oscar Peterson. In “Three Hours,” Jason Michas gives the lyrics a forthright, declarative reading that suggests Nina Simone or Sarah Vaughan. The François Houle 6, led by Houle, a clarinetist, spends 14 minutes working its way through an original atonal instrumental called “For Nick” and into a medley of Drake’s “Horn” and “Know.” And Hammett-Vaughan returns for a bluesy version of “Poor Boy” that would fit into any good set in a jazz club. By this halfway mark in the album, the listener may be forgetting the elegant, becalmed folk arrangements found on Drake’s own albums, but Mike Dumovich returns to familiar ground on “Fly,” and most of the rest of the album is given over to versions of Drake songs performed more in the spirit of the original versions, although Veda Hille and Robin Holcomb mix things up in a four-handed piano treatment of “Road,” and Ian Moore and Eyvind Kang turn “Black Eyed Dog” into something of an Indian raga, complete with sitar. Drake fans ultimately may prefer the songwriter’s own recordings, but this album demonstrates that his songs can be interpreted differently, which speaks well for their long-term appeal.

01. Bill Horist & Aiko Shimada – Cello Song
02. Kate Hammett-Vaughan – Clothes Of Sand
03. Chris Gestrin & Simon Fisk – One Of These Things First
04. Jason Michas & Chris Gestrin – Three Hours
05. Robin Holcomb & Veda Hille – Hanging On A Star
06. Danielle Hebert – For Nick/Horn/Know
07. Kate Hammett-Vaughan – Poor Boy
08. Mike Dumovich – Fly
09. Friendly Science Orchestra – Parasite
10. Veda Hille, Robin Holcomb & Francois Houle – Road
11. Bill Horist & Sam Mickens – Things Behind The Sun
12. Mount Analog with Jesse Sykes – River Man
13. Ian Moore & Eyvind Kang – Black Eyed Dog
14. Mike Dumovich – From The Morning

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May 17

Anna Kanzig – Sound and Fury (2016) 
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/44,1 kHz | Time – 00:37:46 minutes |  407 MB | Genre: Folk
Studio Master, Official Digital Download  | Source: Qobuz | Front Cover | © Columbia

Bei Familie Känzig dominierte eine Art von Instrument den Haushalt: Der Vater besass gleich eine ganze Reihe an Synthesizern. Trotzdem wählte Anna Känzig zunächst einen anderen Weg, lernte als Kind Gitarre, später Bass und Klavier. Zwei Platten nahm sie auf, eine wandte sich dem Jazz zu, die andere bestand aus Folksongs. Sie trat auf dem legendären Montreux Jazz Festival auf, unterrichtete als Gesangslehrerin.

SOUND AND FURY ist für sie ein Neuanfang – und trotzdem ein Schritt zurück zu ihren Wurzeln. Die Synthies der Kindheit sind auf Anna Känzigs neuer Platte die Konstante. Beim Songwriting wagte sie hingegen eine neue Herangehensweise. Wo sie früher alleine schrieb, suchte sie diesmal die Kooperation: Alle Songs entstanden gemeinsam mit dem Produzenten Georg Schlunegger. Das Ergebnis kann sich hören lassen: Die elf Songs auf SOUND AND FURY sind eingängig, aber überraschungsreich, manchmal sanft streichelnd und manchmal wild – und stecken bei aller Elektronik stets voll Soul.

1 Get Out 00:02:59
2 Drive All Night 00:03:58
3 We Might as Well Be Dreaming 00:03:16
4 Suburban Sky 00:04:17
5 Bonnie & Clyde 00:02:57
6 When a Teardrop Hits the Ground 00:03:15
7 Rebel Heart 00:03:24
8 House of Cards 00:03:04
9 Lights Go Out 00:03:25
10 Young at Heart 00:03:51
11 State Trooper 00:03:20

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May 16

Adam Agee & Jon Sousa – Suantrai: Traditional Irish Music (2014) 
DSD64 (.dsf) 1 bit/2,82 MHz | Time – 50:01 minutes | 2,00 GB | Genre: Folk, Celtic, Irish
Official Digital Download – Source: AcousticSounds | Digital Booklet | © Adam Agee & Jon Sousa

Suantraí (pronounced “SOON-Tree”) is an Irish word that means “lullabies,” and can also mean a feeling of gentleness and comfort. Adam Agee and Jon Sousa are very excited to announce the release of thier debut duo album, Suantraí. Recorded in DSD Pure at Boulder’s own Immersive Studios with the help of Jonathan Skinas, immense care was taken in the crafting of this album, from the arrangement and selection of tunes to the sonic quality in the studio.

This album was recorded DSD PURE to a Sonoma workstation through an 8 channel Grace preamp and Meitner MKIII A to D positioned close to the artists for the best sonic integrity. It is the first in a series of DSD PURE “Corner Recordings” from Super Audio Center and Immersive Studios in Boulder Colorado. Jon’s guitar and banjo were recorded with a Shure KSM 32 and a Royer R-121 ribbon microphone. Adam’s fiddle was recorded with a Shure KSM 32 and an AEA R-92 ribbon microphone. In addition, two Shure KSM 32’s were used to record the room.

Adam Agee and Jon Sousa are two of Colorado’s most sought-after traditional Irish musicians. Since 2004, they have been journeying together through the Irish idiom on fiddle, guitar, and tenor banjo, enchanting listeners on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Adam and Jon have put down musical roots in County Clare, where they lived together, and now make frequent visits. Their connection to their instruments and the transcendent energy in their music is guaranteed to captivate and uplift audiences of all ages.

In recent years, they have appeared at Colorado’s Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music Festival, where they performed on stage with Martin Hayes, Dennis Cahill, John Doyle, Robbie O’Connell, and others. They were also honored to headline at the first annual Durango Celtic Festival in March of 2013.

Adam Agee’s fiddle music is alive, dynamically fluid, and colorful. Raised in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California and Boulder, Colorado, Adam came first to Ireland in 2004, basing himself in Ennis, County Clare, where he discovered a new home. Through opportunities in America and Ireland, he has had the chance to study with many of today’s living tradition-bearers. His exposure to diverse influences makes Adam’s music deeply American, while his pursuit of sound has led him to focused expression through the Irish tradition. Within the rapidly developing culture of traditional music, suffused and enriched by a global exchange of ideas, Adam’s fiddle playing is grounded in a personal, aesthetic quest. He has been teaching and performing for 15 years.

Jon Sousa fell in love with music at an early age, listening to the 70’s folk albums in his mother’s record collection. He journeyed on to rock music, passed through the realm of electronic dance music, then made his way on to West African percussion, and finally landed in the world of traditional Irish music. Jon’s passion for music has taken him all over the world, from the beautiful countryside of France to study with master fingerstyle guitar player Pierre Bensusan, to Senegal, West Africa, to study Sabar Drumming, and eventually to reside in Ireland in 2008. There he refined his skills in interpreting Irish music while earning his Master of Arts degree in Traditional Irish Music Performance at the University of Limerick. Jon also has a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

1 Sporting Paddy / Siobhán O’Donnell’s 3:58
2 John Naughton’s / Tommy Coen’s 2:28
3 The Clare Reel / The Green Gowned Lass 3:49
4 Fead an Iolar (The Eagle’s Whistle) 6:09
5 Farewell to Glasgow / Maud Millar / The Long Drop / John Naughton’s / The Laccaroe / The Easy Club 8:20
6 Runs in the Family / Angry Birds 2:22
7 Maids of the Mourne Shore / Niel Gow’s Lament for the Death of His Second Wife 7:46
8 Hardiman’s Fancy / Apples in Winter / The Starry Lane to Monaghan 5:13
9 Paddy Fahey’s / Gan Ainm / Star of Munster / Paddy On the Landfill / The Glen Road to Carrick 6:15
10 Amhrán an Bhá (Song of the Drowning) 3:34

Adam Agee, fiddle
Jon Sousa, guitar, tenor banjo

Recorded in DSD Pure at Immersive Studios in Boulder Colorado; Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered in DSD Pure by Jonathan Skinas

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Apr 05

9Bach – Anian (2016)
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/88,2 kHz | Time – 50:27 minutes | 880 MB | Genre: Folk
Studio Master, Official Digital Download – Source: B&W | Digital Booklet | © Real World Records

Anian is the third release from Welsh artists 9Bach, and the most interesting to date from Lisa Jên, Martin Hoyland and company.

While Wales has been producing musical innovators for some time now, the image of miners’ choirs hasn’t faded. (I had to mention them again!) Welsh-language folk and pop rock also suffers from an image problem, compared to say Ireland, that of not being known — and when known, thought to be somewhat derivative of either Irish ‘Celtic’ music or UK pop. The innovators haven’t often made their voice heard outside of Wales.

With 9Bach, and Anian in particular, it becomes more and more difficult for the listening public to write off Welsh language music as parochial and predictable. On the contrary, this record manages to stay rooted in Bethesda, North Wales, while breaking into new global territory. Lisa Jên is certainly possessed of fine vocal talents, a wide range and expressive voice, which at times is reminiscent of Siân James (for instance, on the lovely “Ambell Hiraeth”), the great Welsh singer and harpist who receives an acknowledgement on the disc.

Hoyland is a guitar innovator who sometimes pushes too hard to get a sound (a little scrappy on the otherwise flawless “Breuddwyd y Bardd”) but generally makes full use of his instrument. Ali Byworth (drums and percussion), and Dan Swain (bass) provide a solid foundation (and some lovely, rumbling moments from Swain), while Esyllt Glyn Jones (harp), and Mirain Haf Roberts (voice and hammer dulcimer) complete the sound.

This is a pensive, sometimes mysterious disc, with a sound all its own, and starts in the depths of “Llyn Du” the black lake of Caradog Pritchard’s novel “Un Nos ala Lleuad” (One Moonlit Night). “Ifan” about a boy raised in the wild by wolves, is another strange tale. For comparison, we have to reach back many years to Loreena McKennitt, the Canadian singer and harpist who recorded “Parallel Dreams” with the late Oliver Schroer in the late 80s. The trancelike, repetitive Celtic-Med fusion of that album came to my mind, at least, and so did Elena Ledda, when I listened here to the Greek-influenced “Cyfaddefa.”

Play this disc when you can really listen: there is more than meets the ear first time round. Memorable moments include Byworth and Swain grooving along with the vocals leading “Cyfaddedfa” to a stunning conclusion; Lisa Jen’s rippling piano riff combines with the vocals and the dulcimer on “Ifan” ; “Anian” with its funky intro, and “Yr Olaf” with its rolling bass line. The disc concludes with the gorgeous melody of “Breuddwyd y Bardd” where Lisa Jên’s evocative singing brings the poet’s dream to life.

The second disc, In Your Voice, is an interpretive aid and a work of art in itself, a series of English-language interpretations of the songs, read by such as actor Rhys Ifans and Real World’s Peter Gabriel. At times the text approach the poetics of Dylan Thomas, as in Ifans’s reading of “Anian” (which means nature or temperament). A nice note is the dedication to Welsh folklorist Meredydd Evans (Mêred) and his immense influence on the recovery of national traditions in Wales.

The eleven music tracks, plus twelve on In Your Voice and interpretive booklet make a nice CD package; the only thing missing is the Welsh-language song lyrics. – David Cox

1. Llyn Du 3’47
2. Anian 4’19
3. Yr Olaf 4’29
4. Ifan 4’53
5. Si Hwi Hwi 7’03
6. Cyfaddefa 5’31
7. Brain 4’27
8. Heno 3’52
9. Deryn 5’10
10. Ambell Hiraeth 3’23
11. Breuddwyd Y Bardd 3’33

Ali Byworth, drums, percussion
Dan Swain, bass guitar & double bass
Esyllt Glyn Jones, harp, vocals
Lisa Jên, vocals
Martin Hoyland, guitars & hammer dulcimer
Mirain Haf Roberts, vocals, piano & hammer dulcimer

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Mar 28

Francis Cabrel – Photos de voyages (1985/2013)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time – 00:42:30 minutes | 886 MB | Genre: Folk, Pop, Rock
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download – Source: Qobuz | Front Cover | © Columbia Records
Recorded: Studio du Palais des Congrés de Paris

By the release of this album, Francis Cabrel had assembled quite a formidable team of instrumentalists, arrangers, and producers, and this album reflects their confidence and ability. More varied than any of Cabrel’s earlier releases, Photos de Voyages maintains a high level of excellence musically. The arrangements are compelling and the instrumental performances are strong and tasteful. However, the disc is missing the knockout songs of Quelqu’un de l’interieure, not to mention the intensity and insightful social observations of his earlier work. The album is a transitional work: Cabrel moving from savant singer-songwriter to relaxed, reminiscent musical shape-shifter, an approach which he is to master on later releases. Overall, this is a better forum for Gerard Bikialo (producer) than Cabrel, but a nice indicator of what is to come. ~~ AllMusic Review by Samuel Johnson

1 Tourner Les Hélicos 4:10
2 L’Homme Qui Marche 4:25
3 Qu’Est-Ce Que Je Viens De Dire? 4:05
4 Je Te Suivrai 4:15
5 Gitans 4:40
6 Encore Et Encore 4:35
7 Le Lac Huron 4:20
8 Lisa 4:00
9 Docteur 4:19
10 Photos De Voyages 4:20

Francis Cabrel, chant, chœurs, guitare acoustique, guitare “5”
Gérard Bikialo, claviers, direction cordes “5”
Claude Salmieri, batterie
Bernard Paganotti, basse
Denys Lable, guitares électriques
Patrick Bourgoin, saxophone, cuivres “1”
Marc Chantereau, percussions
Guy Battarel, programmation PPG
Michel Françoise, guitare “1”
Alex Perdigon, Kako, cuivres “1”
Roger Secco, chœurs “2”
Kamil Rustam, guitare électrique “3”
Slim Pezin, guitare acoustique “3”
Joe Hammer, percussions “3”
Christophe Guiot, violon “5”
Jean-Pierre Bucolo, guitare “5/9”
Marcel Azzola, accordéon “8”
Jean-Yves Bikialo, synthé “8”

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