Jul 21

LYNX – Flute (2007) [2.0 & 5.1]
PS3 Rip | SACD ISO | DST64 2.0 & 5.1 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz | 68:29 minutes | Covers included | 3,44 GB
or FLAC 2.0 Stereo (converted with foobar2000 to tracks) 24bit/88,2 kHz | Covers included | 1,17 GB


Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music born of four women flute ensemble by, LYNX album. Ono or restricted in charge of producing and recording. Smetana “Moldau symphonic poem from” My Fatherland “,” Dvorak “Largo Symphony No. 9” From the New World “,” Ravel “Bolero”, Beethoven “Symphony No. 5” destiny “” and others, recorded a total of nine songs. – from amazon

スーパー・フルート・アンサンブル! 誰もが知っているクラシックの名曲を選曲! ピッコロからパスフルートまで5オクターブに渡る音を駆使し、フルート4本とは思えない迫力ある響き、10年かけて作られた緻密で息のあったアンサンブル。まるで指揮者がいるかのような、一体感のある演奏は圧巻!

Super Flute Ensemble! Everyone is making full use of sound over a 5 octave song selection masterpieces of classic! From piccolo to pass flute know, powerful sound that does not think four flute, made over a period of ’10 dense and had ensemble of breath. Almost as if the conductor is present, playing with a sense of unity is the best part! – cdjapan.co.jp

01. J.S.Bach: Ouverture – Orchestral Suites No.2 h moll BWV1067
02. J.S.Bach: Rondeau – Orchestral Suites No.2 h moll BWV1067
03. J.S.Bach: Sarabande – Orchestral Suites No.2 h moll BWV1067
04. J.S.Bach: Bourree – Orchestral Suites No.2 h moll BWV1067
05. J.S.Bach: Polonaise – Orchestral Suites No.2 h moll BWV1067
06. J.S.Bach: Menuet – Orchestral Suites No.2 h moll BWV1067
07. J.S.Bach: Badinerie – Orchestral Suites No.2 h moll BWV1067
08. Mozart: Symphony No.25 g moll K.183 – I Allegro con brio
09. Smetana: The Moldau from “My Fatherland”
10. Wagner: Tannhäuser – Overture
11. Tchaikovsky : Symphony No.6 – III Allegro molto Vivace
12. Dvorak: Symphony No.9 – II Largo
13. Beethoven: Symphony No.5 – I Allegro con brio
14. Ravel: Bolero
15. J.S.Bach: Toccata and Fugue d-moll BWV565